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Big bear lake phone chat
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December 19, - Preparing and Protecting The Nest Jackie and Shadow have continued their quiet bonding with nest-building and hanging out at the nest the past few days Tuesday early morning, Jackie had a visit from a couple of very brave or not very bright ravens while she was in the nest Jackie had had quite enough and with one giant wing-slap sent them skedaddling out of there. Then she sat on the front porch like she was reclaiming her territory Late morning, Shadow delivered a nice stick and worked hard until Jackie arrived with her contribution, which he promptly took from big bear lake phone chat to place where he knew it belonged


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Thank chah to all of you for your patience, your support and your donations to make this all possible!! Both places she seemed to be staring at her feet a lot, so we're wondering if that squirrel left something behind that sticks to feet At one point Jackie even did a really quick nest bowl fit and as they brought new sticks in they had a slight crash on the back porch as Shadow seemed to be directing Jackie's arrival and forgot to get out of the way.

We are focused now on hiring a technically savvy, experienced tree-climber, to install the new cable and any other equipment needed plus move the camera a bit higher as per our original planbut pjone biological tree-climbers are all pretty busy at this time of year, so we are still working details of that out--trying to fit our repairs into their schedules. They both dropped in for a short visit and some nest work after sunset on Sunday At one point he went to the front porch, but chta Jackie laid down in the gear, he rushed back to check on her Tuesday early morning, Jackie had a visit from a couple of very brave or not tucson chat rooms bright ravens while she was in the nest They worked hard together, and then it was Shadow's turn to lakr the flirty one, with lots of back and wing bites to get Jackie's attention Paint would have added dangerous chemicals to the nest.

Then, as always, went back to looking all innocent about it as they continued working Big bear lake phone chat continued until after sunset You are all awesome!!

big bear lake phone chat Bkg can check it all out, keep an eye on the funds received gage and donate on this website : Thank you to all of you for your continued support of FOBBV, our cam and especially of our favorite bald eagles! After all that work, Jackie took a little break on the back and then the front porch Shadow was in first and working hard Sunday evening Then she popped out to the chat and fuck porch where she watched Friday afternoon Jackie came in for a short time to check out the nest bowl fit Soon after Jackie left, Shadow headed out Jackie's new upstairs front limb entrance--he circled around out toward the lake before zipping past again toward the roost tree.

See if you can find them both in photo 5, where Shadow pretends not to notice them.

A little while later, Jackie arrived with her own big stick contribution to the nest Our team has been working full out for nearly 2 months phobe bring this complex system back online--Immense thank you's to: Jim Applebury, Mike Bode, Cindy Bode, Colorado chat rooms. Shadow and Jackie both stopped by the nest this evening and spent time there together--with a little kissy kissy and a little Shadow mischief--before heading off to the roost tree.

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Yesterday, Jackie was up bringing in sticks before dawn and looking at the camera to make sure we were all noticing! When Jackie went to hang out on the back porch, Shadow immediately went to work on moving that GIANT sex chats krasnodar that Jackie had so obviously big bear lake phone chat incorrectly in the morning.

Find all your home and business propane needs at Ferrellgas near you. One more really fat stick delivery in the evening made Shadow's day complete She soon came in and supervised Shadow's nest arrangements, but very quickly things got a little beaky bitey and lovey dovey.

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Lhone seemed to want to help him find a spot, but Shadow insisted, this was his stick…. We miss seeing Jackie and Shadow as much as you do. In the end, Jackie had to take over the placement while Shadow did the supervising Do you think they might be preparing? Click to see our availability & book your reservation today!

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She arrived by a whole new entrance this time--landing first on the lower right limbs and then making a teetering debut from the upstairs front door limb. Shadow sat on the front of the nest, just hanging with Jackie for almost 90 minutes There are other steps we can take.

Tuesday evening Shadow put in 15 minutes of solid housework before Jackie arrived Thank you! Big Bear Lake Directions and. She spent the rest of the afternoon moving the big furniture from place to place, several times heading right towards the camera…. Sandy December 8, - Nosey Neighbors After a short vacation, Jackie and Shadow decided to visit the nest ber afternoon.

Both nights Shadow headed off to roost before Jackie.

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Destination Big Bear offers the best pet-friendly, luxury lakefront cabins on Big Bear Lake. Chag arrived first to do his normal tidying up and surveying before Jackie ed him. FOBBV is moving forward with the cam repairs detailed ly. Noon Vacation Rentals strikes that perfect balance between smart clean de and rustic outdoor charm. Shadow arrived in time for some teamwork, some snuggling and a few late evening poses before he headed off to roost.

First, that doesn't mean this is the end of this. Contact your local Ferrellgas office to schedule a fill today.

November 30, - Regular Visits Jackie and Shadow seem to phonw on a 'more regular visits to bit nest' schedule lately And as Jackie headed to the left limb door to leave, Shadow couldn't stop himself from a little bite on her tail feathers Sandy November 19, - Nest Preparation Jackie and Shadow have been diligent in continuing their nest work over the past few days--bringing sticks some the size of small trees!

Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated!!

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She spent over an hour hanging out in the wind-swirled nest tree. Yesterday, Jackie started her visits in the early morning, bringing a big stick Jackie made one more short evening visit before roost time. Big Bear Visitor Guide. Then she headed out to her favorite front perching limb. We're sorry the camera system has been down for so long! Directions, Road Conditions, Weather and Local Contact Information for Big Bear and surrounding area.

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