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Everything About Izmir

Turkey’s third biggest city, Izmir, contemporary, advanced, simultaneously is a bustling business focus. Meandering at tweeting shopping center is truly charming. Cesme was perhaps the biggest city on the planet with its wonderful brilliant ocean, shorelines and warm focuses in the west of Izmir. Ephesus, which contains every one of the wealth of Ion culture, was additionally known for its serious masterful exercises. Izmir is situated in the Mediterranean atmosphere zone. The summers are sweltering and dry and the winters are mellow and stormy. The oppositeness of the mountains and the acquaintance of the fields with the Central Western Anatolian limit enable the spread of marine impacts to the inward parts. Be that as it may, contrasts in physical geology, for example, elevation, good ways from the west and the coast in the entire region cause atmosphere contrasts that can be viewed as significant as far as precipitation, temperature and sun.

The normal yearly temperature in regions differs between 14-18 ºC in beach front territories. The most sultry months are July (27.3 ºC) and August (27.6 ºC), while the coldest months are January (8.6 ºC) and February (9.6 ºC). In summer, the temperature in the beach front zone is 1-2 ºC lower than inland because of the impact of ocean breeze (Imbat). The normal temperature in winter is 7 ºC and here and there falls because of the marine air mass presented from north and northwest.

There are huge contrasts in the dissemination of precipitation as per months and seasons in Izmir. The normal yearly precipitation in Izmir is 700 mm. over half of yearly precipitation falls in winter, 40-45% in spring and pre-winter, 2-4% in summer. The quantity of cold days is practically insignificant in the low areas. In high quarters, both the quantity of cold days and the length of snow remain on the ground increment.


Izmir is Turkey’s third biggest city. Izmir is a run of the mill case of the Aegean beach front area. Encompassed by the Madra Mountains in the north, Bay of the Gulf in the south, the Cape of the Çeşme Peninsula in the west, Aydın and Manisa region in the east, Izmir grasps the narrows named after itself in the west. Inside the territory of Izmir, the Gediz River which is one of the significant waterways of Aegean Region and the Küçük Menderes River are found. The recessed and projecting shoreline normally brings about the development of various excellent sounds and shorelines. Gümüldür, Özdere, Foça, Karaburun, Çeşme drifts and shorelines are vital for Izmir. Then again, a similar characteristic structure has prompted the formation of many angling havens or yacht berthing places. With these qualities, Izmir is a characteristic the travel industry and port city. Enormous, hard and coniferous, always green, dry season safe trees and bushes that develop in the Mediterranean atmosphere zone structure far reaching regular vegetation.

Financial Structure

In the city, farming based mechanical branches are exceptionally created. Material, clothing, sustenance, drink, lager, tobacco feed industry is among the most significant businesses. Likewise, iron and steel, petrochemical, car, bond, shoes, manure, horticultural hardware and earthenware production enterprises are delivering for the residential and remote markets. Notwithstanding being a port city, crude material assets, qualified work power and wide scope of transportation openings have empowered Izmir to turn into the exchange focus of the district. The products created in the mechanical area have world-class quality. Coal, gold, copper, lead, zinc, iron, antimony, perlite, graphite, asbestos, titenium, dolomite and marble are removed and prepared in the locale.

Building materials creation and building development in one of Turkey’s most created urban communities. It positions second after the Marmara Region as far as industry. There is a major contrast between the offices as far as advancement and industry proportion. The genuine Aegean area is increasingly created as far as industry. As of now the biggest and most created city in the area is situated in Izmir in this segment. Izmir is a significant city with its industry, reasonable and fare port.

There is additionally the Aliağa Oil Refinery in Izmir. Car, metalware, science, earthenware production, materials, concrete, cigarettes and olive oil in Izmir, olive oil in Edremit and Ayvalık, weaving in Aydın, Denizli and Manisa, sugar, weaving and calfskin in Uşak, sugar in Afyon, bond, paper and marble, Uşak, Gördes, Kula, Demirci and Simav. Hydroelectric, warm and geothermal power plants likewise add to the local economy. There are warm power plants in Yatağan-Muğla, Tunçbilek-Kütahya, Soma-Manisa. Saraykoy Turkey’s sole geothermal power plant, situated in Denizli. Demirköprü (Demirci, Körübaşı, Salihli-Manisa), Adıgüzel (Güney-Denizli) and Kemer (Bozdoğan-Aydın) are among the hydroelectric power plants in the district. Izmir is Turkey’s greatest fare port.


Gediz, Küçük Menderes and Bakırçaybul are among the most significant waterways of the Aegean Region in Izmir. Others are little streams with flood qualities.

Gediz River is conceived in Murat Mountain in Central Anatolia. All out length is 400 km. The Kemalpasa Stream, which was conceived from the Yamanlar Mountain in the Izmir fringe, is one of the most significant parts of Gediz. Gediz arrives at the Izmir area outskirt toward the west of the Manisa Plain and goes through the Menemen Strait between Yamanlar Mountain and Dumanlı Mountain and streams into the south of Foça. Gediz used to be filled the ocean only west of Karsiyaka. With the alluviums he brought, he was always propelling his delta and going towards shutting the Gulf of Izmir. Cape Pelikan was extremely near the contrary shore and the profundity of the Gulf was diminished. So as to kill the threat looked by Izmir Port, which is the busiest port of our nation, in 1886, a bed was opened from a stream spilling out of the north. From this minute Gediz started to fill the untamed ocean. Küçük Menderes is conceived from Bozdağlar. Its length is 124 km. Flooding an exceptionally ripe plain called by its name, it is filled the ocean in the west of Selçuk. As Küçükmenderes additionally brought bounteous alluvium, Ephesus, which is one of the most significant port urban areas of the early ages, is currently 5-6 km inland from the ocean. Bakırçay comprises of branches from Ömerdağ in the east, Madra in the north and Yunt Mountain in the south. It is 128 km long. It is the most significant waterway of Bakırçay Basin, which is a piece of the Aegean Basin and is situated inside the limits of Izmir territory. It is filled the ocean in Çandarlı Bay.


The significant lakes in Izmir are Karagöl, Gölcük, Belevi and Çakalboğaz lakes. Gölcük is situated in the north of Ödemiş and west of the most elevated purpose of Bozdağlar. It is situated in a little gloom pit reaching out from south to north in the general heading of the mountain ranges. The alluvial stores left by floods likewise assumed a job in the development of Gölcük. Profundity is more than little. It is nourished by the water originating from around Gölcük and particularly the base sources. The waters stream toward the north with a little stream and reach Gediz. Belevi Lake is situated on the left half of Küçükmenderes among Torbalı and Selçuk. A shallow lake. Cakalbogaz Lakes, Kucukmenderes ‘s 5-6 km from Selcuk. They are situated on the northern edge of the fields that happened in the sound that they topped off. Karagöl is situated on the Yamanlar Mountain. It was shaped in the pit framed by a move of structural inception.


Izmir is affected by Mediterranean atmosphere as far as vegetation. There are a wide range of Mediterranean plants. For a considerable length of time, over-eating, fire and field opening as a result of the timberlands vanished, maquis greenery shows itself. Maki greenery enters dry spell safe bushes, for example, juniper, pırnal, kermes oak, wild olive, chitlembik, biting gum, maple, rosary and donkeys. Makilik zones, 600 m from the ocean. stature. The majority of the bumpy territories are forested. Woods spread a zone of ​​431786 hectares in the area. The region secured by woodlands is 41% of the common land. 600 m from the ocean. pine up to tallness, there are larch timberlands higher. Kozak of Bergama, Güner of Menderes, and Helvacı of Torbalı are normally developed pistachio woods. Verdant trees, for example, sycamore, chestnut, fiery debris, willow, poplar, maple, elm and cranberries spread in good soil, segregated and clammy stream beds. Oak seed oak is one of the trademark trees of the woodlands of our area.

Speculation Opportunities

sorted out modern zone in Izmir, free zones and innovation advancement zone is a çokolanak tanımaktadır.izm to speculators, free of the second most elevated exchange volume with Turkey’s Aegean Free Zone in Izmir is. Izmir Technology Development Zone offers favorable circumstances for IT and greetings tech ventures. With its geothermal assets and wind vitality potential, ventures for Izmir elective vitality utilize are conceivable. Then again, history, culture, nature and the ocean make Izmir one of the significant focuses of wellbeing, culture, religion, congress and reasonable the travel industry.

You can discover data about speculation openings in and around Izmir from the connections of the Izmir Development Agency and the site pages of the venture and the loads of industry and business.



Transportation administration from 12 PM to morning: Bus lines are accessible 24 hours every day and transportation is given after 12 PM by open vehicle. As indicated by this; Busses withdraw from the Bahri Baba transport stop (Variant beginning) in Konak;

63 Konak-Bornova (Konak, Montrö, Alsancak, Zafer Payzın, Manavkuyu)

104 Konak-Buca (Varyant, Eşrefpaşa, Menderes Cad., Heykel, Buca Üçkuyular)

152 Konak-Gaziemir (Üçyol, Karabağlar, Sosyal Konutlar)

180 Konak-Balçova (Varyant, İnönü Cad., F.Altay)

542 Çiğli-Konak (Kahveler Durağı, Anadolu Cad., Girne Bulvarı, Karşıyaka, Altınyol, Talatpaşa, Konak)

These transports start their first transport administration from Karşıyaka and Çiğli at 00:55 and proceed until 05.55 with 1 hour interims.

Then again, the ships withdraw from Konak at 01.00, Alsancak at 01.15 and Karşıyaka at 00.30.

Izmir intercity transport terminal has been working since 1996 in its new area in Isikkent. Izmir’s first intercity transport carport is the place the World Trade Center building site is situated by the 9 September square. At the point when this transport carport ended up inadequate in time, the transport carport under the name of Yeni Garage began to serve in Halkapınar. Parallel to the creating Izmir, Halkapınar has assumed its new position in Işıkkent considering the way that Halkapınar is in urban rush hour gridlock and the expanding number of flights. Turkey has around transports. Likewise, it tends to be come to by rail from Aydın, Nazilli and Ödemiş (These railroads are present day.

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